Keynote Speakers

Invited Keynote Speakers

Kawthar Bouchemal

Université Paris Sud

"Supramolecular polysaccharide assemblies: a novel therapeutic strategy against mucosal microbial infections"
Adam Braunschweig

Department of Chemistry, University of Miami

"Synthetic C-lectins"
Xing Chen

College of Chemistry, Center for Life Sciences | Peking University, China

"Liposome-assisted metabolic glycan labeling in vivo"
Eugene Cioffi

University of South Alabama

"Translational glycomics: Our sugar-lined blood vessels"
Catherine E. Costello

Boston University School of Medicine

"The dynamic state of glycan mass spectrometry"
Mary K. Cowman

New York University

"Hyaluronan and hyaluronan fragments"
Christina de Meo

Southern Illinois University

"C-4 effect in sialylations"
Stephen Eichhorn

University of Exeter

"Cellulose in water - Alligning, assembling and actuating"
Beat Ernst

University of Basel

"Druggability of lectins - Mission possible?"
Matthew Gibson

University of Warwick

"Detection and inhibition of bacterial pathogens"
Candace Haigler

North Carolina State University

"Structure/function relationships in plante cellulose synthesis"
Stephen Hanessian

Université de Montréal

"The Challenging Role of Carbohydrates at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology"
Laura Hartmann

University of Dusseldorf

"Precision glycopolymers as new tools to probe the multivalent binding of glycomimetrics"
Albert Heck

Utrecht University

"A mass spectrometry view into diverse aspects of glycobiology"
Linda Hsieh-Wilson

California Institure of Technology

"Glycosaminoglycans: Key mediators of signaling events associated with injury and disease"
Osamu Kanie

Tokai University, Tokyo

"Space, time and glycan processing: Synthetic and analytical approach"
Laura Kiessling

University of Wisconsin

"Microbial Glycans as Theraputic Targets"
Yanmei Li

Tsinghua University, Beijing

"Glycopeptide vaccines"
Xue-Wei Liu

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

"Quick assembly of glycosides and glycoproteins: General tactics and new glycosylation methods"
Kevin J. Naidoo

University of Capetown

"Revealing glycosylation networks and reaction mechanisms in cancer biology through computation"
Jovyn Ng Frost

Plant & Food Research Limited Auckland, New Zeland

"Potato digestibility: Composition structure and function of cell walls"
Nikolay Nifantiev

N.D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry | Moscow, Russia

"Pyranoside-into-furanoside rearrangement: New reaction in carbohydrate chemistry and its application in oligosaccharide synthesis"
Mark Nitz

University of Toronto

"The production and inhibition of biofilm related exopolysaccharides"
Markus Pauly

University of California, Berkeley

"How to put plants in your tank: Biosynthesis of plant cell wall polysaccharides"
Jennifer Prescher

University of California, Irvine

"Expanding the chemical toolkit for imaging glycans"
Orlando Rojas

Aalto University, Finland

"Interfacial behavioral of carbohydrates: from amphiphilic sugars to cellulose nanocrystals"
Frank Schroeder

Cornell University, Boyce Thompson Institute

"A combinatorial library of signaling molecules based on the dideoxysugar ascarylose"
Peter Seeberger

Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces

"Carbohydrate vaccine development enabled by automated glycan assembly"
Anthony S. Serianni

University of Notre Dame, Omicron Biochemicals, Inc.

"Synthesis, isotopic labeling and structure studies of high-mannose N-glycan nested fragments by DFT-assisted NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography"
Daan Van Aalten

University of Dundee

"Mechanisms in inhibitions of O-GlcNAc Signaling"
Hans Wandall

Centre for Glycomics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

"Molecular dissection of glycan function by simple cells and simplified tissues"
Chris Whitfield

University of Guelph

"The structure and functions of bacterial β-Kdo glycosyltransferases"